Video ads on YouTube can be a perfect way to get the message out there to targeted audiences. My goal as I put these together is to make them super exciting and have that WOW factor, so people will keep watching the commercial and then buy tickets. That is the point, right?! I wanted to share a few recent examples with you so you can see how we create quick, exciting online ads for performances and festivals.

New York City Center: Sequence 8

My studio is literally a stone’s throw from New York City Center, which is so much fun. I have always wanted to work with them and love their programming. They came to me to put together a YouTube pre-roll video (essentially a commercial on YouTube) for Sequence 8. This is the company that worked on Pippin on Broadway. City Center gave me their 1.5 minute promotional video and they wanted me to make a 15 second and 30 second commercial about the upcoming show.

Bravo! Vail: 2015 Season

For Bravo! Vail, I was asked to cut together footage from their last festival to promote the upcoming summer’s classical music festival experience.

Vail International Dance Festival: 2015 Season

And since I’m the Resident Videographer each year for Vail International Dance Festival, I already had tons of footage I knew and loved to pull for an ad promoting their upcoming summer dance festival. It was fun to use existing video footage to create something to show off what an incredible experience the festival has to offer each year.

We know video is the best way to entice an audience, so I’d love to start creating more of these ads for performing arts companies to use to better market their performances. (My marketing manager Amy Jacobus can even help you get set up on YouTube with an ad account!)

Get in touch to tell me your ideas, and we can start getting the word out about your next show.