Make the Most of your Video Footage

After weeks or months of choreographing, concepting, directing, editing and more – your videos are finally finished.

And now, you want people to see your work! We’ve put together this handy video checklist to make sure that your video has the most impact.

Upload to Vimeo for Presenters and Funders

You can share private links to Vimeo videos very easily, without any distracting sidebars or ads since Vimeo is completely and totally ad-free. This makes it a perfect platform for videos you’ll share with grant applications and to presenters and festivals.

Post to Youtube to boost your SEO

If you’re using the right keywords in your video description, you could gain new fans from the mere description of your work. Videos posted with your company or choreographer name will come up in Google searches for your work, giving people instant access to video if they’re looking you up online.

Upload directly to Facebook

Delight your social media fans by sharing your work! And to dramatically further your impact and visibility, consider boosting your posts and running paid video campaigns.

Share bite-sized content on Instagram

High-quality videos on Instagram show your commitment to quality content and ensure that your followers remember it.

Create a video Ad

Thoughtfully targeted ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram drive traffic to your website, fundraising campaign or anything else you want to highlight.

Add to your website

Is there space for more video content on your website? Should it go in your repertory section? Your online press kit? Your homepage?? We hope so!

Happy sharing!

If you need more direction or assistance in getting your videos out there, please email us at