How To Order Your Footage

Please read the following closely and email us with any questions.

We offer two basic options for you to receive your footage:

  • Drive Transfer of High-Definition footage on an external hard drive provided by NSP ($130 or $200, depending on file type)
  • 2 Standard Definition DVDs ($75 or $175, depending on menu and label design)


1. How do I know what I should purchase?

Good question! Many of our clients rely on us to edit their footage and don’t archive their High-Definition raw footage themselves. Some of our clients like to archive this footage and edit it to create excerpts, promos and trailers on their own. If you plan to do any editing of your performance, you should purchase the Drive Transfer of High-Definition footage. DVDs are useful when sending materials to presenters, festivals, and potential collaborators by mail or in playback so you don’t have to rely on internet speed.

2. Will my DVD be in HD?

No. To make sure you have more universal playback, we only offer Standard Definition DVDs. These DVDs will play on any player in the US and any computer in the world.

3. What is raw footage? Will I be able to view it?

Click here to download a test video file >

If you cannot see this test video file, you still have the option to purchase footage. We will work with you to create the file type you need for viewing and editing. Just email our Project Manager Jessica Leigh at

4. I have a PC, can I work with the High Definition files?

Yes, you can see these files on a PC computer. Please remember to tell us you have a PC so we can format the drive accordingly. We will also make you H.264 Quicktime files which are compatible on a PC computer.

5. How long will it take to transfer my files, and do you give me everything?

We will give you all camera angles (for example: close, wide and the two-camera mix). It will take up to two weeks after your project wraps to receive your drive transfer.

6. Can I get the footage later? Next month, or next year?

Yes, but remember that we archive all of our footage after six months, and you may need to pay a re-activation fee ($250) to work with your footage again. It’s best to make the decision now.

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