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With so many possibilities for streaming and sharing video, dance has never had such a rich opportunity to reach enormous audiences.

Creative, well-produced video makes dance come alive outside the theater. (And when the theatre is closed to audiences, video is the best way to continue sharing your work.) Dance videos are shared, remembered and talked about. And the best ones remind us why it’s so thrilling to continue attending performances!

Dance video has the power to motivate ticket sales, inspire donations and increase audience engagement, cultivating loyalty from your fans and followers online.

We have deep roots in the dance community and a passionate devotion to the field.

Our entire team has training in movement – so we understand dance from both sides of the lens. With our many years of experience, we can make instinctual, in-the-moment decisions during filming. These decisions are always in service of your unique musicality, stage design and movement quality.

Our job is not to frame dance for our vision but to connect with and capture your vision.

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Performance documentation, promotional videos, and livestream productions are our most popular video requests, but we are always happy to brainstorm and create something tailored to your needs and totally new! From preliminary brainstorming sessions to prepping the video for online upload, our goal is to showcase your choreography with integrity and heart.