Dance School Videos

No parent wants to share a fuzzy, faraway video of their child’s dance recital. And no dance school wants to sell a video that’s poor quality!

We bring our state of the art equipment to every dance video shoot, whether it’s at The Joyce Theater in New York City or your hometown dance studio. Our videographers stay at the camera for the duration of the performance, adjusting to the various sets, costumes and lighting your school designs. Plus, you can hire dance photographer Christopher Duggan to make photos during dress rehearsal – on stage and in group poses, if desired.

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“Their expertise in filming dance is extraordinary and their patience and dedication to creating a beautiful final edit makes the entire experience so incredible. I am always a bit overwhelmed by the time we get to performance week, and I am usually behind with all my other school work in post production mode. Nel’s staff guides me through the process and always makes sure that I am pleased with the end product. They really understand dance in a deep way. The camera operators have a strong aesthetic sensibility and are often well versed in dance, so that they know what to focus on. The quality of the work is professional, but I especially appreciate the relationship that I have developed with Nel and her team. Cherylynn is a saint! I highly recommend NSP without equivocation.”