Promo Videos

If you’re promoting work online, video is by far your best tool for selling tickets.

NSP works with dance artists to showcase their work with striking, beautifully-made promotional videos that educate and inspire audiences to action.

Our creative editing team can help you turn raw footage into engaging content on your website or click-worthy ads on Facebook and Instagram.

“I was 1,000% percent happy with our experience. Filming/editing dance is a hard learned skill and Nel’s team is simply the best. They’re easy and fun to work with, they don’t dial it in even though they’re working on many projects simultaneously, and most of all, they care about capturing dance for all the reasons we capture dance.”

— David Dorfman Dance

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“There is a clear professional eye and talent for capturing dance footage and photos. Not just images, but the energy, the essence and the true storytelling of my work was demonstrated in the photos and video.”

— Kesha McKey, KM Dance Project