Viral Video - Rudolf Steiner School by Nel Shelby Productions

Viral Video | Fundraising Film for Rudolf Steiner School

by | Jul 22, 2017 | Video Tip | 0 comments

Earlier this year, Christopher & I made a video to play at Rudolf Steiner School’s annual gala – a heartwarming fundraising tool that could work for the school in different ways.

The video went viral! I am over-the-moon with happiness because of how people have responded to it so enthusiastically! We are so thrilled about the enormously warm reception the Rudolf Steiner School Fundraising Video has received.

We asked Cristian Piazza at the Steiner School a few questions about the video’s popularity. Read along to hear more from the school’s perspective!


Viral Video - Rudolf Steiner School by Nel Shelby Productions

Q:How many shares did the video receive?
A: As of July 1st, 6231

Q: How many views so far?
A: 357K

Q: How many people has it reached?
A: Almost 900 thousand.

Q: Do you think that the comments and engagement are mostly from the Waldorf community or has it reached beyond? How can you tell?
A: Waldorf School is a global movement with more than 1,000 schools in every corner of the world. In 2019 we will celebrate the 100 years of the opening of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart by Rudolf Steiner. Our School is also part of history; we were the first Waldorf School in North America.I think the video had reached beyond the community.

People are looking for alternatives in education, methods and programs that look closely at the child and its development and not only at score tests and performance. Just recently Stanford University review Waldorf Education saying: “impressed by the physical setup of the classrooms, the calm demeanor of the teachers and the students, the children’s respectful attitudes; by eurythmy, music, violin. This was a school where students, staff, and parents were happy.”

How I can tell? By watching the video you feel a strong connection with what is being said and shown there. Even if you’re part of the community or never heard before about it, the message is there and it’s alive.

Q: Were you expecting the video to make such a big impact on social media?
A: We’re not surprised. The Waldorf community is very openhearted; we hear each other and want to learn from each other. I’m a parent and I started managing and creating content for the school social media pages since November, and yes, things get viral also within the Waldorf community.

Q: Have you seen an increase in funds raised for Steiner’s annual fund from this video?
A: I heard that this year’s participation (families, teachers, staff, etc.) was beyond expectation. More than 90% participation, something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

Q: Why do you think the impact is so huge? What are the ingredients that make this a meaningful video people want to watch and share?
A: Because it touches humanity. Everything in this world seems to be based on numbers, on things that are superficial, that lead to conflict and this video go to the core of what education should be (and is in our schools) You see the children and they are the result of great parenting and the pedagogical efforts of the school.

They’re happy to go to school, to learn, they show confidence and maturity, all the ingredients of a happy life. The school prepares individuals to be ready for the world; they’ll be able to do what they aspire to do, knowing who they really are. All the elements are in the video and the answers are honest.

One of the teachers says: “We need to care for each other, we need to care about each other, The Waldorf school helps foster that, it helps to develop Heart forces.”