I’ve had the most incredible time filming and editing with Wendy Whelan & Ilter Ibrahimof for over a year.

As you know, we created four short dance films about the four choreographers Wendy Whelan danced and created new duets with for the Restless Creature world premiere at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival last summer. We also made three other dance videos – a two-minute dance video that acts as a promotional video to give to dance presenters and put on Facebook and Twitter, and 30-second and 15-second videos.

I edited the video clips and short promotional film with Ilter and Wendy (she brought me an amazing donut!), and I had a total blast. It’s so satisfying to edit a work like this because I’ve been so invested in the work from the beginning. I’ve seen it change and just get better and better throughout the choreographic process. For me, it makes it a very organic experience in the editing room.

Dance Video Tip

I think this is a really good example of how dancers and dance companies should work with and think about what dance video can do for them. These two pieces are giving variety to dance presenters who are interested in and booking Restless Creature in their theaters. We’re showing the moments from the dances that we actually want to show the venues, festivals and audience members to get them excited about the dance.

These dance videos are on Ilter Ibrahimof’s Sunny Artist Management website for easy download, and we are also giving the high-resolution video files to presenters in Dropbox folders so they can add the video footage to their own marketing materials, video loops playing in their lobbies and more. We’re setting ourselves up so this runs as a system, and we won’t be stressing out over last minute requests. The 15 and 30-second dance videos were created for use in commercials (you can use the sound for radio commercials, too).

Learn more about making dance videos for presenters by emailing us at studio@www.nelshelby.com!

Wendy Whelan Feature in Pointe Magazine

Be sure to check out Christopher’s photos of Wendy in Pointe Magazine this December issue! Great feature story on Restless Creature with photos from Jacob’s Pillow!