Where Women Don’t Dance | Screening in Yonkers at YoFi Fest 2016

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Dance Documentary, Dance Film

I am thrilled my documentary Where Women Don’t Dance, about award-winning dancer and choreographer Nejla Y. Yatkin, was selected to be screened at YoFi Fest 2016.

This will be the first time our short documentary premieres in New York!! I hope you can all make it!

The film will be shown in YoFi Fest’s “Movement in Movies,” a diverse collection of dance-themed documentary, dramatic and comedic short films. Tickets are only $10, and all the information on the screening is below. Nejla is also so happy to share her story, and I think she offers a powerful reason to come see this film!

I am very moved to share Where Women Don’t Dance, because I think it shows that the arts and especially dance give you a tool to understand yourself in relationship to the community you grow in, the culture you come from and the history you carry with you.

Dance gave me the tools and a place to understand the world and myself within it. It also gave me a door to understand my family and the community I live in as well as the art I create. In this culture, we value knowledge but we don’t value artistic knowledge. Artistic knowledge is deep and intuitive and can only be learned by personal visceral experience. It is as if we live in two worlds the world of facts and figures (an external world) and an emotional, intuitive world where all that we know is held in our spirit and imagination.

I hope that this film inspires people to appreciate the freedom they have to pursue artistic discovery and that it will give courage to those, like me, who live inbetween worlds.

Nejla Y. Yatkin



When: Monday, October 17 at 7pm
Join us for a reception at 6pm before the screening!

Where: Donnelley Film Theater, Sarah Lawrence College
915 Kimball Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10708 (map)