I’m totally humbled by how much money we’ve raised for the creation of this dance film so far. Thank you to each and every one of you who have contributed to our $7,090!!

Visit bit.ly/wwddfilm to donate

Now we have one week to make it to our goal of $10,000 or we don’t receive any of the generous donations given. So please, please share our videos, spread the word, make a tax-deductible donation! We’re almost there!!

Sending waves of gratitude to the awesome, generous people who have helped us get this far:

Leslie Morris
Sheila Walker Hartwell
Hayden Brown
Loren Robertson
Lissa Murphy
Norton Owen
Susan Heit
Patricia Lennon
Erin Williams
Chaille Shelby
Carrie Stock
Marjorie Howe
Cindy Safronoff
Nicole Fuentez
Amy Jacobus
Reuven Weizberg
Meghann Zenor
Lucy Shelby
Jessica Ray
Eileen Duggan
Katherine Ogles
Ann Marie Martelli
Heather Best
Erica Forrence
Jodi Graber
Maureen Timon
Robert L. A. Cote
Ashli Bickford
Luther Shelby
Jennifer Silver
Lisa Jacobus
Kathryn and Jonathan Hefter
Ben Rich
Emily Schoen
Les Shelby
Christopher Duggan
Annalora Calin
Ed Williams
Elizabeth Hollenbeck
David Dashiell III
Emily Kehe
Judy Job
Susan Griffith
Brandon Scott Brown
Ellen Stokes Shadle
Patricia Lennon
Jennai Bachus
Luther Shelby
Les Shelby
Kathleen Andrews
Stephanie Dalfonzo
Diana Kyrwood
Emily Melchner
Marjorie Howe
Trent Michels
Stephen Frost
Helen Koepfer
Karla Johnson
Nejla Yatkin
Todd Fox
Jenny Sowry
Terry Wise
The Joyce Theater Foundation
Rebecca Cardwell
Doug Post
Jimmy Manning
Toni Bolger
Wendi Lester-Boyd
Colleen Campbell
Hatice Rosato
Tiara Elman
Katryn Geane
Ginger Menard
Mariclare Hulbert
Beth Gittleman
Clarissa Marzan